Cut Detailing Costs


Qorex outsourcing supplies high quality, detailed drawings to North American steel fabricators. By outsourcing to Qorex, steel fabricators are able to cut detailing costs.

Qorex also helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) use back-office services to achieve excellence by focusing on key competency areas. Qorex b2b clients can gain by improving workflow, reducing total operating costs, using up-to-date information technology, and delivering better quality customer service. Qorex is about delivering EXcellent results by focusing on CORE strengths.

Business proceses covered: Custom IT Applications(eCommerce, ERP, Tech. Help desk). Customer Contact Centre operations (Order-to-cash) in English, French, Spanish; Vendor Payments processing (Purchase-to-pay);

Accounting Services on demand (project accounting, fixed assets); Product Development Drawings for manufacture/assembly/sales promotion.

Qorex outsourcing delivers better results

Qorex solutions – enabling faster growth for small & mid-sized business.

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